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~Do you see?- It's the fantasy~

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S ugarcakey...
Is an ordinary girl.
Likes to read novels and manga. Watches several (old & new) TV series, anime and good commercials (especially old ones). Likes melodious music and shopping. Wants to travel more.

Is into Lamento, Togainu no Chi, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder, works by Shimizu Yuki | Yamane Ayano | Sugiura Shiho | Kano Shiuko | Makoto Tateno | Kouga Yun |, into 07-Ghost, Yami no Matsuei, and many, many more.

Sews and presents cosplays to her favourite series.

[Used to draw lots of fanarts, but does not really have the time, skill and inspiration to do so now.]

Has the resolution to post more often again.


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